Sun | May 9, 2021

Butler presents pertinent arguments on domestic abuse

Published:Tuesday | April 13, 2021 | 12:09 AM


I am wondering how many people were able to read Dawn Butler’s remarkable article in The Gleaner, in the March 26-28 edition, titled ‘Let’s challenge domestic abuse against women’. I read it, and it was interesting – and a good one!

Let us give Ms Butler our full support as her message is very pertinent, especially in these days when we see our women and girls being murdered and tortured in the most brutal ways. These crimes are being committed by so-called men who have become dangerous monsters, and their actions make us wonder if they have the blood of vicious creatures running in their veins. They are extremely wicked and dangerous.

We need many more women and concerned people like Ms Butler to keep highlighting these issues, and all of us need to join them.

Thank you, Ms Butler for highlighting these important issues. Continue to be safe.